The Importance of Safety While Using Dating Apps

The Importance of Safety While Using Dating Apps

In the last few years, the popularity of dating platforms and apps increased significantly when compared with its beginnings.

The facts state that dating websites and apps became both a convenient and effective way to find someone you can connect with.

However, convenience comes with numerous issues, especially if you are thinking about your safety. The best way to understand more about online dating is by clicking here for more information.

Remember that communicating with strangers by using these apps will quickly put you at risk of online harassment, identity theft, cat-fishing, digital abuse, stalking, and other issues.

Therefore, if you agree to meet someone in real life, primarily, if you communicated a lot online, you will find yourself in physical danger as well, which is a problem that you need to handle.

If you wish to make the process of online dating as the safest and most comfortable as possible, you should know a few facts beforehand.

Stiff and Cold Facts about Online Dating

The Importance of Safety While Using Dating Apps

It does not matter if you already dated beforehand by using online platforms or if it is your first time because, in both situations, you should understand things you may get with each app you are considering.

We decided to present to you a few facts that will help you learn more about this particular industry:

1.   Online Dating Is Increasing In Popularity

Numerous reports have stated that the Christian dating website, such as eHarmony, features more than forty million Americans within the database. Therefore, we can easily say that approximately 40% of Americans use these platforms to connect with new people.

Simultaneously, 27% of young generations are using them, which is a significant increase compared with the previous years. Everything changed when online meeting became available on smartphones because you can find each app, install it from the store, and use it.

Another important consideration is the number of people thatare between 55 and 65 years old increasedby 12% in the last five years.

As soon as you check out this, you will learn more about hookup apps in general.

2.   Online Dating Became More Popular

Back in the day, dating was a stigmatized process of meeting new people, especially since people thought that these options were always frauds.

However, recent studies have shown that merely half of the public knows someone who uses the dating platform or someone who already met the partner or spouse by using the Internet.

Of course, some portion of people still thinks that dating platforms are reserved only for desperate people, which is something that will change in the next decade.

3.   Dating Sites Feature Plenty Misinformation

Even though some people are not surprised when they hear that, online dating is closely connected with misinformation and numerous frauds. However, more than half of users are telling the white lies while creating the online profiles.

For instance, women tend to post younger images of them, and in most cases, they claim that they are thinner than they already are. However, men tend to lie when it comes to their careers because they wish to appear more successful.

4.   Online Hookups Increased As Well

Other essential facts include that some people, both men, and women, are using dating platforms and apps with an idea to hookup and have sex.

One study has shown that Tinder female users are looking for a match and not a fling, even though people are considering this app as the best place to find someone for sexual activities.

At the same time, some users state that they do not want to hook up with others, but they wish

5.   Online Relationships Are Not Long-Lasting

A few studies have concluded that online relationships are more likely to end up with a break down than the relationships that started casually or in-person.

The same thing works for people that decided to get married after an online meeting. They are three times more likely to get a divorce than other couples are, which just a statistic and general rule is.

However, it would be best to prepare yourself for numerous aspects to help you decide the best person for your current situation.

Finally, we all know that the process of matching your skills and thoughts with others is de-humanizing, and it feels more like shopping than searching for a partner. Finding a perfect partner is not something that you should do abruptly by following an algorithm.

The process should be highly personal, and it depends on the face-to-face perspective, not with words and chatting all day long.