Things escorts recommend for first dates

Things escorts recommend for first dates

The first date with an escort must be something super exciting that should make you crazy, and above all, we know that you are probably nervous. In these cases, we have asked several of the girls from theory love escort what are their personal recommendations and rules for these guys who do not know what to do for that day, and we have summarized the most important ones in this little blog post.

Proper hygiene is essential

Make sure that the day you are going to meet the escort, you have fulfilled all your hygiene processes. Girls don’t mind a little sweat after a night of dancing, but it is important for both of you to be neat and tidy to avoid infections or other conditions that could affect both of you equally.

Besides, they will present themselves to you in the best possible way, the little we can do is to give them back a little of what they offer us and spritz them with a little cologne. This has nothing to do with physical appearance, as girls love variety among their clients and love to explore new bodies.

The use of condoms is non-negotiable.

Although this may be a problem for some guys, it is one of the things that differentiates escorts from the casual prostitutes you can find in any street. The use of condoms is non-negotiable both for the escort’s safety and for the client’s safety, as the girls undergo several monthly and yearly tests so that their service can remain safe in its entirety.

So, the use of condoms during any kind of act is not optional, and in case you make the mistake of cheating on the escort, the service will stop immediately and you will have to settle with the agency.

Do not negotiate time or money

Both the agencies and the escorts themselves insist that you do not try to bargain the rates, the girls are very happy to serve you at any time but it is important that you appreciate their work and their effort to make you feel good. If the rates go down they cannot continue to give you the quality that hiring an escort requires (which is a lot, these women are amazing).

You don’t have to pretend, but be nice.

Girls tend to suffer a lot of abuse and mistreatment from some clients who do not consider them as people even when they are providing a service, so it is extremely important that there is respect in between so that the girls feel comfortable and can offer a good service without any inconvenience.

You don’t need to treat them like queens since they know that each person is different and they don’t relate the same, but it is important to maintain mutual respect and basic social rules since they also have feelings.

Otherwise, everything else you can ask your trusted London Escort. Do not wait any longer and look for your ideal girl.