Top 4 mistakes you shouldn’t make while having penetrating sex

The only reason you feel like a master in bedroom duties is that there are no anonymous reviews. If there were, you’d be surprised at how often you make mistakes in bed, especially when having penetrating sex. Having sex with your partner could be very interesting, especially when you do it the way they want it. However, it could go south if you take the wrong step. Nonetheless, compared to having sex with someone who is not your partner, you might find honest reviews, to an extent. However, it’s not advisable to get reviews from those that are not your sex partners. Instead, once you are done having sex with your partner, ensure you get reviews from them, and while trying to, you should prepare your mind for some revelations you might not expect. 

If you think you are not getting honest reviews regarding how vast you are with having penetrative sex, here are some of the complied mistakes most men make while having penetrative sex. In other, for you not to make these mistakes repeatedly, ensure you read this to the end, or you can also learn from HD porn videos. You could pick several tricks and ideas from them, especially when you watch porn on reputable porn sites like Porndoe. 

Don’t force your fingers in:

When having sex, there’s a probability that you might get carried away, don’t be! However, things will escalate if you aren’t carried away and plan to squeeze in your fingers while having penetrating sex in her ass-hole. Putting your hands anywhere near her ass-hole should be something you have discussed and agreed on, not an improvisation. 

Forget the big O:

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to please your partner till they climax. However, that shouldn’t be your main focus while having penetrating sex. Having the burden of orgasm in your head while having sex could worsen the situation because the climax journey might end quicker than expected. So, if you want to enjoy penetrating sex more than ever, ensure you don’t overthink making your partner orgasm at the expense of the intercourse. 

Do not improvise:

Improvisation will always seem like a good idea until you make the wrong call. While having penetrating sex, you shouldn’t try what you’ve never explored or discussed with your partner before. If you’ve never spanked your partner while having sex, spanking them as a means of improvisation while having sex could be somewhat terrible. So, before acting your thoughts, ensure you’ve discussed it with them to ensure they are okay with it. If they are not, it’s a bad idea. 

Don’t be selfish:

That you don’t want to worry about when your partner would orgasm doesn’t mean you shouldn’t satisfy them, even if it includes making sure they orgasm. Climaxing and orgasm are the peaks of penetrating sex, and putting them through that journey might be the best experience they would enjoy throughout the intercourse. So, ensure you are not only after your satisfaction and your partner’s.